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Just recently tried to install AdBlocker Plus extension in Chrome browser on my Nephews computer. He has a Windows 7 laptop. It kept getting the error ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.

I tried other extensions with the same problem.

After trying numerous suggestions found online I decided to try and force an update. I went to www.google.com/chrome/browser/ and downloaded the latest version and just ran the install.

The update option in Chrome didn't seem to be working so reinstalling seemed to have fixed whatever went wrong.

OSD Lockout

I have a small cramped bedroom with everything piled upon everything else. I just hate throwing things away if they may still have some value. On my desk, to the extreme right, I have a older CRT big screen TV name brand of SEARS. Then I have a VHS/DVD combo, on top of that a VHS player, then on top of that by digital cable box, around middle stage. To the left I have an older Canon printer/scanner combo, it has the only built in support for my memory card from my camera, it's one of those larger memory cards, can't mind it's name right now.

On top of that is my main printer, another Canon (the printer in the combo was shot, along time ago). Then squeezed facing towards my bed is my keyboard, mouse and monitor, and an old emachine laptop, without a screen that is attached to a separate monitor that rests on an old desktop computer on the left side of my desk.

Under my desk are two desktop computers, an older Windows XP one and my main Acer desktop. Both of these are hooked up to my main montor (HPw1707) through a switch.

I have my keyboard on top of the laptop that rest up against my monitor. Sometimes pushing the keyboard back hits the monitor menu button and the monitor on screen display pops up.

Recently I noticed that instead of my monitor options popping up a box with the wording OSD Lockout started appearing and I couldn't access my monitor settings. The monitor worked fine otherwise, by the way.

Checking online I found this solution, all I had to do was hold on the menu button for 10 seconds until the message went away. It worked. I just want to point out, this message wasn't on the screen all the time, just when I accidentally hit it with my keyboard. And my keyboard must of been pushed up against it for 10 seconds or longer because that is what activated this feature in the first place. It is designed so that you can lock your monitor settings so you don't accidentally change them.


My Room...If You Dear...(click on thumbnails to get a larger view, use back butoon to get back here)


Opera Turbo

I've been using Opera www.opera.com browser for a few years now and I was very disappointed when they switched rendering machines to chorium base. Starting with version 15, every feature of Opera was gone. You couldn't even bookmark a page.

It's matured a little since then. Current version as of this writing is version 24. I've installed the browser on a number of computers since then but I recently got a call from a woman who's Facebook games didn't work.

Opera for a while now had an option called Turbo - in theory it would help speed up someone's browsing on a slower network. In practice it can cause more problems than it solves.

It runs web pages through it's own servers where it acts as a proxy and the data is compress and then sent to you - some noticeable problems:

  • pictures can looked pixelized and crappy
  • flash games / movies may not work or play
  • I've read online that blocking sites with the HOST will not work since Opera's servers become proxies.
  • there may be others
  • Unless you have a very slow connection in your area, still on dial up or satellite, my recommendation, keep it disabled. On the other hand I like people to experiment and see for yourself, who knows it might work in your favour.

    In Opera 15+ click on the red Opera button - top left hand corner and click on Opera Turbo. In version 12.17 or lower, press on F12 and in the menu that pops up select Enable Opera Turbo.