[HOME]10:19 AM September 25, 2016

Yahoo Hacked: Change Your Password

Just got an email (newsletter) from a reliable source that there has been a breach at Yahoo and it's recommended to change the password of all your Yahoo services.

I have a Yahoo email account and went to Yahoo to change my password but first I had to check online to figure out how to do it. So here's how:

Go to www.yahoo.com and sign in to your email account. When I first sign in I'm not taken to email right away and I would like to point out that I usually use the Seamonkey email program to check my email. Click on the Mail icon top right hand corner to go to your inbox.


Then when you go to your inbox you will see a gear like icon in the top right hand corned. Put your mouse over it and a menu drops down, click on Account Info.


On the next screen click on Account Security and then Change password.


Then in the Set a new password box type in a new password. Confirm it by typing it again. You can check the Show password box to see what you are typing then click on Continue.


Remember make sure the password is not easy to guess, and don't use the same password for every account. I use letters and numbers, never words, like hhdui7777fh4bs. Don't use this one, but just an example.