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Windows 8 Boots To A Black Screen

Today, Sunday, October-27-2013, a guy bought me his laptop that would not start up properly. He was on Facebook and left the computer for a few minutes and when he came back, his computer had shutdown. It would boot up to a black screen after the Starting Windows screen.

Couple of big problems; It was Windows 8. I couldn't boot into Safe Mode by pressing Shift + F8. Microsoft in their misguided wisdom decided to make the boot up process faster just to cater to users who whine over a few seconds. When I go to a forum and hear people whining about a few seconds startup, I just want to reach and and slap them silly :-) Modern day computers are harder to get into Safe Mode and this Gateway laptop wasn't even showing the usual BIOS logo.

Which leads to my second issue about changing the boot order so I could boot from a CD/DVD/Flash Drive, to run a few tests.

So I put the name of the computer, in this case a Gateway NE56R10h, and info about the problem on Google and got the solution first thing from this link:

It described a slightly different situation but with an unusual solution. Open the laptop lid as far as it will go and then turn it on. First try it worked. Read the article of the link above for a more detailed explanation of this issue.

IE vs Facebook

Otherwise I had to clean out another XP laptop. This involved the usual disabling background items, checking for maleware, cleaning up temp files, and checking and defragging the hard drive. But even after all of this Facebook on IE would freeze up the browser when scrolling down the pages. In this case I blame Facebook because they embed so much crap into their web pages I'm surprised anybody can view them.

I tried to install Chrome from Google but I received an error message during the install claiming it couldn't uncompress the install??? So I went with Opera

Even thought I still using the 12.16 version, because I'm extra picky and the newest versions of Opera have lost most of the customization options, the newest version, at the time of this writing is version 17....something, it's built like Chrome so I installed it on their computer and it worked like a charm.

Changing Backgrounds - Windows 7 Starter

The last issue to mention is those ridiculous Netbooks, and I thought laptops where a joke. There stripped down laptops have no DVD drive and in this case Windows 7 Starter edition. This version is a gutted out version of Windows for a gutted out system. It does not even allow you to change the background picture.

We are all still wondering what Microsoft's executives where high on when they made that decision. Luckily, every time Microsoft makes a mistake there is someone out there to fix it (and more times Hack). In this case there are programs that do the job of changing your background.

Try this link: www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/47294-desktop-background-wallpaper-change-windows-7-starter.html