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Mysterious Chinese Characters Appear Embedded In Web Page

This post may only be of interest to web developers. I'm a bit old fashion I suppose, I still just type up my page in Metapad - http://liquidninja.com/metapad/ like notepad. I keep it very simple. I developed an odd problem with one of my latest posts. I was able to fix it but still can't explain it.

I recently posted the following here: how-to-convert-an-image-to-editable-text and I had a mysterious string of what looked like Asian characters attached to the end of my posts.

Actual picture of what it looked like:

I had it translated through https://translate.google.com/:

That didn't help any.

I reuploaded the page numerous times trying to remove it but nothing. I even tried renaming my page. When I upload a page to my site I just name it according to the date I start writing it like this post on my site is named nov7_2016.html. But even this didn't help. It gets weirder.

At my hosting site I could create and or edit my pages directly from their service so I opened my page in their editor and deleted the offending text. Then saved it.... and for some unknown, Twillight Zone reason, I'm hearing the music in my head, the entire page turned into these Asian characters. Sorry I didn't get a screenshot.

My basic text page seemed to be OK so I sent an email to tech support from webs.com, thinking the problem was on there end.

This was there reply:

Unfortunately, we do not provide assistance with code on on coded sites. Please consider evaluating you are not using software or adware that could be compromising your ability to edit your site.

So basically, it was my fault. I was going to just delete the entire page but I decided to try one more thing. Assuming my page on my computer is somehow corrupted, I created a new blank text file and renamed it to match the page in question. I uploaded it blank to my site.

It didn't display anything but a blank page. I then included my standard header and date info only and uploaded that. So far, so good. So I decided to go for it and copied and pasted my entire page to this new copy. Uploaded it and problem solved, except I still don't have a clue what went wrong.

I'll be the first person to admit what I don't know about computers greatly out weights what I do. I have scanned my computer for malware but nothing shows up. When I right clicked on my file it would display in the properties about the file being copied from another computer, which it was not. The only other thing that came to mind was an Alternate Data Stream - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NTFS#Alternate_data_streams_.28ADS.29

Unfortunately, I did not pursue this issue any further after getting it cleared out and deleting the original file. I was just happy to get it fixed.