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Restoring Computer From A Macrium Reflect Backup Image

I had a number of issues develop on my Windows 7 desktop computer that I couldn't seem to fix. Fixing one problem just led to another. I couldn't burn CD/DVDs. My Seamonkey browser/email www.seamonkey-project.org/ became corrupted and I couldn't clear it out even after re-installing it from scratch. The Windows Explorer kept crashing. I beleive I may have developed a case of Software Rot - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_rot don't worry it's not contagious.

I've been pondering the idea of doing a complete clean reinstall of Windows but I decided to back up everything to my external hard drive, that I already haven't backed up, and do a full image restore using Macrium Reflect www.macrium.com/reflectfree.aspx and a backup image dated back to Apr 4 2014.

Just a note, I'm sure maleware or a virus wasn't involved.

First I tried to run a Macrium restore within Windows only it couldn't. Claimed that the drive was in use. I figured it would restart into some kind of safe mode environment. I guess not. So I got out my Macrium recovery CD (see program instructions on how to create) and tried to boot of that CD only to find it impossible to switch the boot order.

I have to press F12 when starting up my Acer desktop to get to the boot menu. But my keyboard seemed to freeze up. So I couldn't pick to boot of the CD. When it rains ...

I have a bunch of PS2 keyboards (with the round plug-ins). So I decided to use it instead at least until I got everything straightened out.

Did I forget to mention I've been having USB issues one and off . And this is on a desktop that I had only around two years now. Computers like everything else are designed to self destruct eventually, we live in a throwaway economy/society, how else are the poor Billionaires going to make their money. :-)

Anyway unplugging usb keyboard and plugging in my ps2 I was able to go into the boot menu to boot of the CD to run the restore program. I just followed through with procedure from there with picking the backup drive and the backup image dated Apr 4 2014, a little over a month back. I have the backup image on a laptop hard drive I bought on ebay.

As I'm writing this I'm waiting for the restore process to finish....

First time I had to restore an image backup in the two years when I first bought my Acer desktop. It's now 11:26am and the restore was a success. Only time will tell if the other problem I've been experiencing will be fixed.

8:38 AM May-19-14

Everything seems to working a little bit better now. I had to setup a few other things and I've decided to give Opera 21 another chance to be my default browser. Seamonky is stable but it's a bit clunky and slow.

Opera 21 - Bookmarks and Speed-dial Importing

A short while ago I decided to give Opera 21 another chance to prove itself after sticking with 12.16 and switching to Seamonkey as my default browser.

I couldn't get the bookmark importer to work till I found an Opera forum post that suggested that I use the following command to start up Opera:
"C:\Opera\launcher.exe" --presto-small-prefs-dir="C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\"

I have Opera 21 in a folder at C:\Opera and Opera 12.16 at C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\. I was able to get my bookmarks and even the speed dial to import into the new Opera no problem.

Then I had a number of issues develop on my Windows 7 desktop computer (I blame Microsoft in this case not Opera) that I couldn't fix. After trying numerous suggestions online, I decided to restore from a image backup. As I already mentioned. To much work in re-installing.

Anyway I tried to set up Opera 21 the same way again. I enabled the bookmarks bar, activated the Super User Settings - http://www.ghacks.net/2013/11/04/opera-19-developer-update-enable-operas-power-user-mode/ , changed a few other settings, downloaded a few extensions and themes and then tried to import my bookmarks. This led me to a blank page with no options to import anything.

I knew I had a way to do it but couldn't remember it and had to comb through a few forum posts to get the information:
"C:\Opera\launcher.exe" --presto-small-prefs-dir="C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\"

This time this command erased everything I had set up and it's disabled the bookmark importer. It's greyed out and I can no longer use it at all.

I decided to re-install Opera. I remembered reading in the Opera forums that the bookmark importer probably will not work if you do not install the new Opera in the old Opera folder. I wasn't ready to destroy Opera 12.16 for 20 whatever. I have Opera 12.16 set up so my profile is in the Opera folder. So I copied all the contents of Opera 12.16 to C:\Opera where I intended to install Opera 21. Then I installed Opera 21. (at the time of this posting version 21.0.1432.67). It worked

Bookmark importing now available and speed dials all carried over OK.