[HOME] 9:45 AM March 8, 2015

Crashed Hard Drive On Macbook

I've been fixing computers now for almost 20 years and up till yesterday I've never seen a Apple computer in real life or knew anyone who ever had one. Then a guy brings me his Macbook, no other ID marks. I can't tell you it's model number or what version of the operating system it was running.

It would start up at a grey screen then the apple logo would slowly appear then a spiral thing and a line underneath. But it wouldn't go any further. I was sure that Macs had a safe mode so I went online to find a solution

I tried what solutions I could find on sites such as:




Note: I don't have any Apple disks.

The best I could go for was trying to start up in Safe Mode. I tried it first by turning off the computer, turning it on again and just as I hear the startup sound press shift and release when the logo appears.

Did that but the same stuck grey logo screen appeared and didn't seem to be doing anything else. Again first Mac I've worked on and wasn't sure what to expect. Then I found out you can see what the system is trying to do by starting up instead with shift + command + v this combo starts up in safe mode but gives you a black screen with white letters telling you step by step what's happening. I like it this way better.

It didn't take long before the error disk0s2: I/O error and Invalid record count started showing up. I searched online to find out what it meant but I already guessed hard drive errors. It finished with The volume Macintosh HD could not be repaired. A crashed hard drive.

Case closed.