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Website Frozen

If you went to my website recently you would have encountered an error page that claimed that The Site Was Frozen... and I had to contact them. This was on Feb 26 2014. I received the following reply:

Mar 03 13:02

Dear Customer,

Unfortunately during a routine virus scan several files in your account were flagged as infected. You will need to remove these files and contact us to have your account reactivated.

  1. FFF.htm HTML.Phishing.Pay-17FOUND
  2. Phishing.htm HTML.Phishing.Auction-19FOUND
  3. phishing2.html HTML.Phishing.Acc-4FOUND

Notice the name of two of the files; Phishing.htm, phishing2.html . Yes, in all three of these files I wrote about Phishing. This, basically, is where you get an email that claims to be from the bank, credit union, ebay, etc., that claims that their is something wrong with your account and it ask you to sign in. Unfortunately, if you did, you just signed into a hackers sight and given away all of your sign in credentials.

I included a number of examples that I received personally. And apparently, their anti virus scanners detected these as actual virus, or phishing attempts. False positives of course. So I wrote to them again and explained the situation , deleted these posts and as of this writing date still haven't received a reply back.

I can't really blame them for trying to keep people safe.

Gateway Laptop Issues Continue

I recently wrote about an issue with a Gateway laptop that seemed to power down when it was not supposed to. I found a online article that spoke about a similar problem and the solution was to open the lid as far as it would open to fix the issue.

Anyway, he recently came back to me with the same problems but this time the opening of the lid trick didn't work. As usual I ran a scan for malware, scanned the memory and hard drive. There where a few hard drive errors but nothing serious. Then out of the blue one thing struck me. In both cases he said he placed the laptop on the floor... And I wondered if he had carpet on his floor. He confirmed there was. I now realized what was going on. He was leaving his laptop on carpet. You should never leave / use your carpet on a soft surface like a bed, chesterfield or carpet floor. The air vents get blocked of and the system overheats.

He also said he leaves on on his sofa sometimes. Other than overheating the laptop there is a real potential for a fire.

He had one more problem, the touchpad wasn't working. I knew you can disable this thing so I started looking for the right buttons / software on how and found that it could be enabled / disabled with the F6 key.

Adware, Spyware And Other Junk

Had to clean out a couple of computer, a Vista laptop and a Windows 8 one. Each one had over 1000 PUPs or Potentially Unwanted Programs according to Malwarebytes. Why and How so many? I don't know for sure but I have a very good theory. Pop up ads on web sites that claim there is something wrong with your computer or promise to make it faster. They click on these things and with out realizing it install programs that I not necessarily virus but just as bad. Scanner after scanner running in the background trying to get you to buy yet another program to fix it.

So anyway, now I have to wait to see if I can get a chance to upload this to my site. How else are you going to read this? :-)

Notes from my original blocked posts.... minus the email examples that got marked as virus.

What is it? Here's how it works.

You receive an official looking email from your bank. It will describe some story about having problems with your bank account and it will ask you to sign in with your user name and password to clear things up. You click on the link in the email that takes you to a official looking web site sign in page. You think you are signing into your account but in reality you are signing into a fraudulent web site designed to look like your bank site. Now the con-artist's who created the site have your user name and password to your bank-account, and need I say what they are going to do with it.

That is basically the definition of Phishing. Of course the email can pretend to be from any bank or credit union, paypal or even ebay.

The bottom line: to steal your account info and to use it to rob your blind. Also think identity thief. They will have access to any and all accounts and / or credit card numbers plus any other personal data associated with your account, and use them as they see fit. As I was preparing this a story was being told on the news on tv about a woman who had her credit card number stolen online and the person who stole it used it to purchase porn online.

But that is not what inspired to write this. In the last couple of days I have received a number of emails from two different banks, of course I would never respond to such emails anyway but I don't even do business with either of these banks.

Banks do not use spam to get in touch with potential customers. THIEVES DO. Because they realize eventually they are going to reach a person who is a customer of the institution they claim to represent and they are going to click on the links in the email to respond and sign in.


So this leads to Rule# 1 (the only one actually): NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER ... respond to any email claiming to be from a bank, credit union, or any other financial institution. Always assume it is a hoax, treat it like you will get the Black Plague by just looking at it.

If you are concerned about your bank account get in touch with your bank but DO NOT call any of the numbers listed on the email nor click on any links to respond. Go to the bank or call them from the numbers from the phone book, or however you would normally contact your bank.

If you feel you must go online to work out the problem go to your web browser and sign into your account in question as you normally do, if there is any problems I'm sure they would notify you when you try to sign in.

Windows Update error code 9c47 - trying to update IE10 To IE11

6:49 PM March-07-14

Spent another few hours cleaning out another Win7 laptop. When I was finished the usual scans I still noticed the browser Internet Explorer 10 was a bit groggy. I went to update the system and the only one available at the time was IE11. Perfect timing. So I tried to update but it kept giving an error of 9C47.

This site had the answer. http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windowsserver/en-US/88e68d26-30a6-4dde-993b-9402cae82ec8/renaming-softwaredistribution-folder?forum=winserverManagement

Basically I had to open a command prompt. Type in cmd in the start search bar. Right click on it an Run as administrator. Then I typed in net stop wuauserv

this would stop the update service.

Then I had to go to the Windows folder and find the folder called SoftwareDistribution and rename it. Then I had to go back to the cmd prompt again and restart the update service by typing in net start wuauserv

The update downloaded and installed no problem.