Windows 10 Update Screwing With My Hard Drive

Lately I noticed my hard drive was always extra busy to the point of causing my programs to stall with a not responding notice or to open very slowly. I managed to trace the slow down to the Windows update process. I had to disable it to get back control of my system.

Here's what else I noticed about Windows update gone screwy. First of all it seemed to have updated without my permission. I have my updates set to Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install . I also requested only Windows important / security updates. But I restarted my computer the other day and the wait for install message came up, the one where it gives a percentage of how much progress is done. I also discovered that my Windows update settings where all changed to automatic and download everything.

I'm blaming Microsoft and there bulling campaign to upgrade to Windows 10. You may have recently got a white windows logo down by your clock, the notification area as it was called. I think it's now called the system area. It's basically trying to encourage you to reserve an upgrade to Windows10. Anyway after disabling Windows update through the control panel and in the services option I finally got control of my hard drive again.

I've been fixing computers now for almost 20 years and I can tell you Microsoft cannot build a secure system if their lives depended on it. That's why we have to keep updating and updating and updating.... New systems are secure because it's obscure. It's secure because it's new, NOT because it's secure.

To be fair I am fully aware that the weakest link in any security chain is the end user. What's the point of building a fortress around you if you leave the door unlocked or worst, invite the bad guys in. But these companies keep promoting exactly the opposite. If all your software is up to date - nothing to worry about.

Anyway I tried the usual fixes to this update issue but this time it doesn't work. I've downloaded numerous utilities over the years for fixing this issue and none of them work this time. I also tried to fix it manually by disabling the update service and removing the SoftwareDistribution folder but still nothing.

Windows 7 will be my last Windows system. As soon as this system is no longer viable I am seriously considering switching to Linux. I already tested installing various versions of Linux on an older computer I had lying around. To many issues to make it my main system right now. Anyway I would like to keep receiving Windows security updates for as long as they are available but I can't enable the updates without my system coming to a crawl.

System restore didn't fix the problem either. I'm also sure this is not a malware issue.

I went online to search for answers and even posted the question to an online forum called www.sevenforums.com

Actual link to post: http://www.sevenforums.com/windows-updates-activation/371858-windows-update-screwing-my-hard-drive.html

I received a few replies and I was going to follow the instructions posted by NoelDP. But the situation cleared up before I could implement them. I had Windows update disabled and decided to enabled it first and let it run for an half hour or so to see if the problem would be recorded in any of the logs. Then at the half hour mark, the Windows update notification popped up with a list of updates to install. I read a number of articles online about which updates to disable for that Windows 10 thing. So I right clicked on the updates associated with the upgrade and chose the option to hide them.

Everything seems to be back to normal now and after Windows 7 I'm still thinking Linux. :-)