[HOME] 8:18 AM July 16, 2016

Reset Toshiba Laptop / AVG Remover

My week in review.

A guy bought me two Toshiba laptops to reset. Press and hold down the 0 (zero) key on the keyboard while powering on the computer. This will take your to the recovery options and just follow through from there. Make sure you back up everything you want to save first. Some brands of computers actually give you the option here to reset and save your documents at tthe same time.

Then he bought me a Compaq computer that would only boot up to the BIOS logo and go no further. I think removing the CMOS battery might of cleared it out but this model doesn't make it easy to get at the battery without taking the entire laptop apart. I admit I don't have the nerve to disect a laptop. If I don't have easy access to the parts through panels on the bottom, I'm sorry but that's one computer that I cannot fix.

Anyway just yesterday a guy came to me to he wanted to upgrade his Windows 8 laptop to Windows 10. He had upgraded to Windows 10 before and I had to downgrade from Win 10 to Win 8 and now he changed his mind. There was no icon showing a possible upgrade was available so I went to Windows Update. Sure enough, there was a big message saying Windows 10 was ready - can't remember exact wording, so I clicked on the Download button and then preoceded to install Windows 10.

Sorry, no screen shots available.

The download of 2.8GB took about 15+ minutes. The install took a couple hours to complete. Then he wanted me to install Firefox - www.mozilla.org , no problem and AVG - free.avg.com/us-en/homepage - big problem, it wouldn't install. He had problems with AVG before upgrading (seems the program got corrrupted somehow). I was actually hoping the upgrade to Windows 10 would remove it but no dice. So I had to download a program to force remove AVG - www.avg.com/us-en/utilities

The AVG Remover did the trick and I was able to reinstall AVG. Just a note when installing AVG look for the option for Custom install. And chose the basic protection. Otherwise you end up with the full preium version that you have to pay for. I've gotten a lot of calls over the years where people went to install the Free version but ended up with the premium version and wondering why it's going to expire in 30 days.

If you accidently installed the premium version and want to switch to the free. Go to control panel > programs and features > find AVG in the list and right click on it and chose uninstall. Then you'll get a window pop up that will give you the oportunity to switch to the Free version.

I never did like AVG's marketing ploy here.