[HOME] 10:03 AM January 8, 2015

Cannot Access Outlook Email

Was trying to help someone who couldn't get into their email account. Even as going as far to reset the password but to no avail. I tried it on my computer and I would get in, no problem but on her computer - it kept claiming the account was invalid.

After getting a chance to check out her computer it turned out she was using a comma instead of a dot in the email address. The smallest thing...

Cannot Change Resolution On Steam Game Supermeat Boy

My nephew was trying to play a game called Supermeat Boy but he accidentally set it at a resolution to high for his monitor to support. He would just get a black screen with a message of unsupported input. Checking online we found a solution and that was to right click on the program file that starts the game and check the option an the Compatibility tab to Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution - still didn't work.

Luckily he had a second monitor I suggested he hook up that monitor just to see if he can access the settings in the game. And it worked. He was able to go into the games settings, lower the resolution, and play the game. Remembering to un-check the Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution first.

Speed Up Windows 8?

Spent a few days trying to speed up a Windows 8.1 computer. I did what I would normally do in theses cases, scan for malware, check whats running in the background, empty caches, trying different browsers usually Chrome or Opera.

Troubleshooting eventually led me to believe that it was a Windows update process slowing down the computer even though the updates where set to download and install automatically, they where not.

I decided to download the updates on my own computer and copy them to a DVD and run them on her computer from there.

Problem : Microsoft yet doesn't make it easy to do such a thing. I found a program called wsusoffline - http://download.wsusoffline.net/ and made a few DVDs out of them.

Problem: This is on a full size laptop without a DVD drive. I see the computer manufacturers found another way to squeeze every cent out of the consumer - by separating the DVD drive and charging extra to replace it. What a RIP-OFF. Luckily I have a external DVD drive handy.

I also tried to install the Update 1 and it claimed it was already installed. And the video drivers, wouldn't hurt to try at this point.

Anyway, my problem was when I first started working on it the computer seemed slow but after working on it awhile it seemed to improve. Originally I traced the slow down issue to the Windows Modules Installer. It's a part of Windows Update. Online info indicates a lot of people having problems with this process slowing down their system with Windows 8.

Overall the computer did not seem to slow just online especially on Facebook. Internet Explorer was ridiculous, Chrome and Opera did not fear any better. So as a final gesture I decided to give Firefox a try. It certainly made a difference.

This is not the first computer that was bought to me with Windows 8 and where disappointed in the speed. Is it a wonder they, Microsoft, are trying to distance themselves from this Joke by naming their next system Windows 10?