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Saving The Unsavable Pictures

You see a picture you like on a web page and want to save it on your computer, but when you go to save it the option to save it might not be available. Either through some protection setup or even a glitch in the fabric of the web page itself - here are some ways to work around these issues. All of these examples are from using the Opera browser. Other browsers should have similar options.

Save Image...

This would be my first choice. The Save download dialogue box would open. But sometimes, as in my example, the option is greyed out. So in this case I would go to my second choice.

Copy Image.

I would chose copy then paste it in my photo editing program PhotoFiltre. In my case here again the option is not available so I would then go to my third choice.

Use Image On Desktop

The picture would be set as my desktop picture and a copy of it would appear in My Pictures folder. Sometimes I have problems viewing or opening this version for whatever strange reasons. It rarely ever shows a thumbnail view and in the past I've had trouble opening after it was set.

Inspect element

This is another option that I sometimes use. It opens Opera's Dragonfly, which is a full-featured development and debugging tool integrated into the Opera browser. I never really use it otherwise. When it opens at the bottom of the browser I just click on the picture link and it usually will just start downloading, but not always.

Turn Off JavaScript

All browsers have a component built in called javascript - this is not Java the security ridden bloated software that Facebook and Pogo games rely upon and it puts a coffee cup type icon in your Control Panel. When you can't just right click on a picture to save it, it's usually a javascript that's blocking it. With the Opera browser I only have to to click on F12 button to bring up the options to disable javascript. Then just refresh the page and the saving options should be enabled again.

This page will give you some idea what to look for in other browsers: www.alanwood.net/demos/enabling-javascript.html

Sometimes these things are disabled on purpose sometimes there's so much junk imbeded in the page I'm surprised it loads at all. There are two other options.

Save The Web Page

Click on File, then Save As.... Put in a name and chose for Save as type - HTML file with images(*.html;*.htm) - that's how Opera words it. All other browsers should have similar options. This saves the file on your hard drive in two parts a HTML file and a folder.

For example if I saved my own web page (home page) I would end up with Hit Any Key....html and a folder called Hit Any Key..._files. In the folder will be a number of images associated with the web page and hopefully the one your trying to save. Either copy or move the picture (sometimes works for swf files) to a more permanent place on your hard drive and then you can delete the rest. By the way deleting one part, either the HTML or the folder will automatically delete the other.

Print Screen

The last way is to use, good old-fashioned, Print Screen. Just open up the browser to the picture and then press the PrtSc button on your keyboard. Then open your favourite photo editing program or even Windows paint and paste in your selection. Save it, crop it, edit it....whatever.

There are third party programs that will help you to take screen shots but since Windows Vista Microsoft has embedded into its system a simple utility called Snipping Tool.

Here are two links with instructions that can explain how to use it better than I can. It is pretty simple to use.

  • http://windows.microsoft.com/en-CA/windows-vista/Use-Snipping-Tool-to-capture-screen-shots

  • www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/how-to-use-the-windows-snipping-tool/

    Just a few ways to try and save those unsavable pictures.

    Opera Extensions Not Working After Update

    Recently updated Opera to version 12.14 and my installed extensions stopped working. I have 10 installed. They are:

  • Adblock,
  • Download YouTube videos as MP4,
  • DuckDuckGo for Opera (their moto: We believe in better search and no tracking.),
  • Ghostery (Protect your privacy. See who's tracking your web browsing with Ghostery.),
  • Opera Internal Pages,
  • Proxy It!,
  • SaveForm.net Helper (youtube type downloader),
  • Shorten URL (makes a shorter version of long web page addresses),
  • WOT (Web Of Trust - warns about potential malicious websites), and
  • cleanPages (prints up web pages without the ads, menues, etc.).

    I found a simple solution to make them work. That is by going into the Tools menu and clciking on Delete Private Data... and make sure Delete settings and data for all extensions is checked. Then restart Opera.