[HOME]9:27 PM December 17, 2016

Canon Printer MG2920 - THUMBS DOWN

On the outside this printer looks pretty good. It includes a built in scanner and wireless support. That's the only good thing I got to say about it.

I bought this printer not very long ago. Turns out to be the worse piece of garbage I've ever bought. I don't print up to many pictures for myself usually it's for family and friends. Usually they want 8x11 on photo paper, borderless. That's what leads to grudges with this printer.

First of all, I discovered that you couldn't print borderless pictures with this thing. That was OK, I could live with that. But just recently someone wanted me to scan in a picture and print it up on a 8x11 picture. Using glossy paper of course.

But I kept getting the following error message:

And you'll never guess what. A printer that can't print out a picture on a 8x11 glossy piece of paper. The only size that this thing will print in glossy is 4x6 or 5x7. What an incompetent piece of garbage.

My ink is almost dry again and this time rather than refilling I'll be buying a new printer and guess what I will not be buying.

Just a note. You can print up full page pictures if you choose Plain paper instead of any type of glossy paper. But because you cannot print borderless you end up with a very uneven border around the edges. Don't give me none of this you can set borders in software because most of the time you can't. Borders are determined by printer software.