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Oct. 2002
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I N T R O D U C T I O N top

"I Have Been Ripped Off!"

 How many times have you said this after ordering something through the mail and then either you don't receive it or you do, and it just doesn't live up to its ad description?

 How many of those "Get Rich Quick" ads did you answer? Are you rich yet?

 Thousands of people fall victim to mail order fraud every year .A few years ago I had a manual published on mail order fraud. To read this informative booklet, no charge, just click on the link "Caveat Emptor".

 In this manual I have attempted to describe a number of scams to watch out for. Also I have included some tips to take into consideration before ordering through the mail. Know your rights as aMail Order Consumer and know what to do if you have been ripped of.


Like a number of people I have tried a number of things to increase the speed of my computer. Most utilities that I have tried only slowed down my system - lets face it, everything that works in the background on your system is going to be a drag on your systems resources,

I have tried other "speed tweaks" - like changing different registry settings but the results where not noticeable.

I can honestly say there are only 2 things that I have done (not counting hardware upgrades) that have given me any noticeable changes in speed

  1. First; Uncompressing my hard drive. When you compress your drive you are really creating a special file on your hard drive that requires certain special drivers and files to be loaded to function properly. You obtain an diffinent increase in hard drive space but you also take a hit on your system resources.
  2. Second; I used a utility called IEradicator to delete Internet Explorer from my system. This utility is available from . It completely removes IE and all of its components. Usually IEradictor does not interfere with the normal operation of Windows but their is one exception. When I upgraded my browser from the basic version that came with Windows and then used IEradicator I encountered some minor problems running certain programs. The error message indicated that "OLE failed to initialized". I recommend installing Windows, use the IEradicator, and then reinstall a more Updated version of your choice of Web browsers. Let me know if you have encountered any of these problems.


Here is a list of sites that will give you some tips on making your computer run better and promises :-)



 A list of things to do to keep your computer running in Tip-Top shape.

Delete Unwanted Files-

To back up your computers main files manually use this list as a guide.

Root directory:

 Windows folder:

 Windows/command folder:

 Also recommended is running scandisk and defragging your hard drive. Windows comes with both of these utilities.

for Win 95 98 98SE

my current config.sys









 The above are the lines in my config.sys file, its been recommneded to remove these entries but if you do windows still loads all of this and at some very high values at that. Why not lower the values and save on some convential memory.

You should set these commands in your config.sys even if you don't use any dos based games or programs.


Remember to use a soft cloth to wash your monitor, and printer. Turn your keyboard over and occasionally shake out the crumbs. Remove the ball at the bottom of your mouse and you will find 3 rollers. They should be clean, no streaks, if not use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol rub to remove the dirt.

FAVORITE SEARCH ENGINE (S) top - for the more Canadian flavored one, otherwise - or -


I don't know if its just me but after awhile of being online the Opera web browser just seems to 'give up'. When I click on a link on a web page it just will not work. Yet there are no error messages of any kind but I have confirmed that the links to work in Internet Explorer.

Anybody else have this problem? You can email me any solutions to this problem and I will gladly post it on this site.


Opera v.5 doesn't provide any easy interface to edit its bookmarks. To edit them manually go to the PROGRAMS FILES folder and find the OPERA folder.

Look for a file named Opera5.adr (note: the number on this file may be different if you are using a different version number of Opera) Double click on it. You may be asked to associate it with a program - try notepad, wordpad or your favorite word processor.

Erase each paragraph of each bookmark that you don't want. I just highlighted the entire page and deleted everything leaving a blank page. Then saved it. Now the only bookmarks there are the pages I book marked myself.

Just remember to backup the original before making any changes, that way you can restore the original of you want to check out the original. I currently have my renamed Oper5.bak

 ................................................................................................................... ................................

I wrote the above before I figured out that Opera uses the term "hotlist" to refer to bookmarks. Click on the hotlist button and a 2 pane frame opens on the left of your browser. The top part holds the folder names and the bottom part holds the bookmarks. Just copy,delete, drag and drop - whatever, just like in the windows explorer.


I recently decided to network my two computers together. I have a 486DX2/66mhz and a Pentium166. I managed to buy a D-Link ISA Plug and Play card for my 486 but it took a few days to get the drivers to install properly.

After installing the drivers Windows would keep telling me that the card was not set properly and I had to to setup it up again and again and again...... I uninstalled and then reinstalled the drivers ; I removed the card using the system icon in the control panel but Windows98 keep reinstalling them as soon as I rebooted with the same results.

I tried using the setup utility in MSDOS mode as instructed. I switched from Plug and Play to Non-Plug and Play but still nothing. Then one day I decided to give it one more try. I went to the control panel and in the system device tab I removed the adapter, then I restarted the computer. Amazingly Win98 did not automatically detect the card thus the add new hardware wizard did not try to start up as it did previously.

Then I booted down to MSDOS mode and ran the setup utility. I had at this point had the card set for Non Plug and Play mode (where I tried to set up the card manually by setting my own IRQ and memory resources).I reset it to Plug and Play mode. Then restarted Windows. Again the add new hardware wizard did not start up so I started it manually. The drivers installed properly and they have been working perfectly ever since.

No problems with the card in the P166. I'm not sure if I can take any credit for fixing anything . windows just seemed to get out of the rut it was stuck in. Plug and Play or Plug and Pray??

If you would like more info on setting up your own network check out some of the help files on your own computer . Also take a look at the following.

(they all have links to other sources of information on the subject as well. If these links don't work just put the term home network in your favorite search engine).


I have tried to start a home based business for a few years now,unfortunately with little success. One of my first business names of choice was LOQUI which is Latin that means to speak. Anyway, currently I am not in any financial position to register my own domain name so I am using these 2 free hosting services

If you want to put up your own Web page just check out the links.Got nuttin' interesting to say? Join the club! I got nothing to say but I'm here anyway.

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