Popcap Games - Mystery PI The Vegas Heist

My Sister has a bunch of these Popcap games on her system and one particular game wasn't working. Called Mystery PI The Vegas Heist.

The game would open full screen, show the logo and freeze up. Even the mouse would freeze up. By clicking on the Windows key on the keyboard I could minimize the game to open up the taskmanager and close the game.

I went online and the only info that I could find mentioned about updating video drivers or DirectX. The other option was to disable hardware acceleration but that required starting up the game, that would not start, and going into the settings.

I decided to try and find the saved settings file and the first place to look was in the game folder itself. So I right-clicked on the game shortcut, clicked on Properties and on the Shortcut tab towards the bottom I clicked on the Open File Location button.

The only file I found that indicated it had any settings was a file called config.txt. It was very bare bones only three lines of text, the last line reading: fullscreen=1.

I noticed other games of this type always seemed to open up in a small window so I assumed I had to change this line to read fullscreen=0. Unfortunately I couldn't change the info for some reason so I decided to do it in Safemode although now that I think about it, it could of just been write protected in which case I could of just right clicked on it to remove the attributes.

But my mind was thinking either a locked system file or corrupted file. Anyway I booted up to safemode by typing msconfig , clicking on the Boot tab and checking Safe boot. A little window will pop up asking you to restart.

I did, went to the folder made a copy of the file first, then edited it, saved it, and restarted the computer. But first I had to go to msconfig and the Boot tab to uncheck Safe boot otherwise the computer would keep booting up in Safemode.

Then when the computer was finally restarted I tried the game and it worked. It opened in a smaller window. I guess it's not designed for full screen. This is on a Windows 7 laptop.