2:09 PM Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop

My first problem was a minor one but my own. This is going to be hard to explain. If you have a picture on your desktop, take a look at the words under your icons.

On mine the words use to have a square/rectangular border around them that had the same colour as the background if the picture wasn't there. But it wasn't always like that.

At first it was transparent. The colours from the picture came through. Then I lost it I wasn't sure how or why, so I started digging through the background settings but found nothing. Then I went to:

It solved the problem. I've usually have older computers. Never been able to afford a new one. So, squeezing power out is more important that fancy looks. I usually set the Visual effects option to Adjust for best performance. But I like what I call that Blending Look.

example pics:

The following is with the option Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop checked (enabled)

The following is with the option Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop unchecked (disabled)

Monitor black screen

A friend called me he had a monitor, when computer starts up it just a black screen. The strange thing about it that the monitor will not work on either of his two computers, but it is my sisters monitor which still does work on her computer. His old monitor works fine to.

And it gets weirder. The monitor that does not work, works to a certain degree. You can read the BIOS start up info then it goes to the Windows Logo, not the welcome but the Black screen with Windows and the progress bar under it.

Its seem that as soon as windows starts up completely that's when the screen goes black. It seems to be still loading and working in the background.

It also works perfectly in Safe mode. Another thing that I've noticed is that while the computer is booting up the buttons for adjusting brightness, contrast, ect, work perfectly but once Windows finishes booting in normal mode it seems like those buttons freeze up.

As usual I went online to try to find a solution, unable to find whet I was looking for I then decided to submit a question to an online forum called www.computing.net. Actual link to that post 51615

You can search for answers to questions already asked or you can sign up for a user name and password if you want to ask a question.

The answer came from a guy/gal named aegis. It was the refresh rate that was the problem. So I started up his computer with his old monitor attached, changed the refresh rate to match the other monitor, and hooked up the other monitor.

His was set at 75hz while the second was only able to handle 60hz. To change a refresh rate:

Right click on desktop

  • click on Properties
  • click on the Settings tab
  • click on the Advanced button
  • then the monitor tab
  • in the Monitor Setting section - Screen refresh rate: click on the little arrow and chose a rate, in my case 60hz (hertz)