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Changing The Unchangeable Language Files In Vista Using Vistalizator

Been a bit busy setting up wireless networks for a couple of people who got new laptops for Christmas. One interesting problem developed concerning the language setup on a Vista Family Premium system.

When you first buy a new computer you might have to go through a simple setup program to finish setting up your computer. One person was given a choice to set up the computer in English or French.

He accidentally chose French instead of English, took me greater part of the day to figure out what to do, to switch it back to English.

Here's a link to Microsoft support offering simple instructions on how to do it:


There is a catch, it only works in higher versions of Vista like Vista Ultimate. After spending hours reading the same basic info over and over on web page after web page, the only option seemed to be to format the drive and start over from scratch. Not an option when no CD came with the computer.

My experience tells me that every time there is an impossible problem to solve there is someone out there online who's already solved it. And after hours of searching I found:

Vistalizator - www.froggie.sk

It's a simple enough program to use, just remember to download the right language packs for your system (links on site). The first English pack I downloaded (about 225 MB in size) was the wrong one so I had to download another. Another 200 MB or more...but I got the right one this time.

So I let the program run....It seemed to have taken awhile...It was supposed to tell me when it was finished but it didn't, then it gave me a registry error...access denied... if I remember correctly. I was afraid it was all for nothing, or worst, that it was going to screw up the computer completely.

After waiting about an half an hour, the progress bar seemed to indicate it was done, I stopped it with task manager and then restarted it. Amazingly, it this time gave me the option to switch to English...so I did, restarted the computer, and finally had a English computer. What made this so hard was all the displays, info, warnings, etc., before this where in French, and if you don't speak the language...

Instructions for use and screen shots here: www.froggie.sk/screens.html